craft decorations

DIY projects for your home: How to craft decorations

A house becomes a home only if you decorate it yourself, or if girls help you with it. Putting memories into as much as possible objects will make it a place that you are connected with. Indoors decoration  and crafts are quite a thing now, so to help you here are a few DIY (do it yourself) projects you can do on your own or even with an England girl. She will love it for sure and maybe give a few more ideas on how to make everything nicer looking, at the end she is the one who knows about fashion.

These are the essentials

Every loving home needs candles, they build that warm atmosphere and make everything smell better. But placing them just on their own, unless you buy expensive decorated ones, does not appeal too much. Since fall is already here and leafs are turning into beautiful colors, you should use it and make autumnal decorations. Get a normal glass, best would be to use one that is taller than the candle and find a few leafs, pretty looking ones. Ask girls to help you in the process of gluing them onto the glass, you will need an additional pair of hands, for sure. Even branches would look great. You both will enjoy sitting on the sofa, watching TV and seeing those wonderful shades and colors forming all over your room. The England girl will love it, even if it is not something luxurious. And they love such things, designer clothes, beautiful and expensive jewelry and, to get a chance to show it all to the public eye, traveling. There is something appealing on traveling with such a stunning and nice looking lady, so do not miss on a chance to do it.

Crafting is fun and not that hard to do

What about making a good looking vase that will make every corner, or even the center of the room, look amazing by using only your crafting skills? Well, let’s do it together with a few girls. Use a tall glass jar, a see thorough vase or other kinds of similar objects. Find a few branches, maybe ones with leafs still on them. To make sure they don’t fall of, use a toothpick, cut it thinner and glue it onto the leaf and branch. If you want to go a step further, then find lights, small bulbs or best – a bulb string, put them on the branches and turn them on at night. You can also put a little white sand into the jar so you can stick the branches into it.

When she sees it, the England girl will want you to craft one for her as well. After getting to know each other she will want you to go with her on her next trip and spend some more time together. If this happens, cancel all the appointments you might have and just and enjoy that adventure. Girls know how to have fun and explore a place they have never been before. So do not miss out under any circumstances and make sure to get her a wonderful present, maybe something from Dior or Chanel, because she loves those designer brands.